Why Did You Quit Going To Church?

Quitting The Church
I have been reading the book "Quitting Church" by Julia Duin and as I am reading through the pages it gave me the idea to ask people...."what made you quit the Church? I think it is an important question and one that needs to be looked at through eyes of Compassion.

What is the Church doing wrong? Is the preaching not for you? Is the Church you were attending not welcoming or can you actually put your finger on your reasoning?

I left the Church when I was 16 because I was rebellious and went back in my 40's after a terrible divorce. This time I started actually reading and studying my Bible. I know that everyone has their own journey but would like to hear your story.

If you have left the Church are you still in the faith?

You can remain anonymous and I will never share your name anywhere nor will I contact you. You can leave a message at truthsintheword@gmail.com, leave me a comment here in the comment section or catch me on Twitter.

I also have a Facebook page .

I sincerely look forward to hearing your story.
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