Sexual Abuse - A Story From a Friend

Stop Child Sexual Abuse
I had asked for stories of sexual abuse from friends and this is one that came in. I am keeping the writer anonymous for his/her privacy sake.

This is just one story of sexual abuse to go along with my own. I pray that our stories will help young people to make the right decisions. This is happening everyday, every hour to some young person out there. They are grooming your young people and stealing their innocence.

Abuse - My Story

Writing is a hard as talking, and with those that love to encourage us to talk get it out, we who have been through so much feel as though the incident is happening. When I was younger through actions I was not aware of I was often asked "Were you abused" ? The worse of them made me even more a victim as if opening up was not enough!

What was my victimization? Was it the rape at 15? Was it the time at 10years of age my step father tied a belt around my wrist and strung me from the door? Maybe you mean that my first crib memory was being in a dark room crying and no one coming . Rejection of a mother that was supposed to bond with you, the lies or being referred to as moms "dirty little secret"?

I was asked to speak to my rape, so for the first time I am writing , rather than talking, maybe some victim reading this will be encouraged to tell their story. Or perhaps the way things are handled will change.

1968 - we had been just settled into a house in Lincoln New Brunswick right across from the airport. I Thought how neat it was to watch planes coming in and out. But the romance of newness quickly wore off as our " family" settled into the routines. Belts, wooden spoons later I would remark "I thank God there was not a knife handy ,dad might have been tempted to use it. Some of the torture I endured would be closer to a prison internment in a Nazi camp minus the ovens!

One day I had enough and thought I could handle life by my self and ran away. I had saved money in my bank account doing chores but not having a grip on finances I could not have known it would not be enough. My first meal a day and a half later would be fries with gravey and a coke, well if you have not eaten that would be a bad choice and it took maybe 10 minutes and I was throwing up. I slept out side in a park in Fredericton, wandering around no one seemed to notice, but soon my money ran out and I did not know what to do.

I lay down in the park debating in my mind a return home or what to do, when a man approached me. " you look hungry " he said . I was in quick agreement, He invited me along and too me to a restaurant and ordered bacon and eggs I obligingly accepted them and finished them as though I was some sort of vacuum .

After he asked where I lived I became reluctant to tell him fearing he would take me to mom and dad and I would be punished for running away, but part of me wondered if they even missed me or cared.

During the time I was out in the open and slept under the stars several patrols of police were noticed yet not one ever came over to investigate a lone 15 year old. He invited me to his place as he said "until I could decide where I came from" All I could think of at that moment was food , and agreed, when I got to His place he lived not far from where I was, and he poured me a bath and I was happy to get in. By the time I was finished it was late for me so he told me he only had the one bed and I would have to share it , not having street sense I agreed after all this was a nice man to take a child and feed him and allow me to stay in a warm home and have a bath! Besides I had not been beaten nor sent to bed hungry how beautiful was that !

I crawled in a snug warm bed and buried my head under blankets, I was in light sleep when I felt him come into the same bed, my mind was focused on a deep sleep, and did not pick up as the back of my underpants went down ,nor did any alerts go off when some moist gel was on my butt cheeks, sleep on precious no cool night under stars . But the pain of him trying to enter me jarred tonfull awake! I cried out,he pulled back

"I was nice to you " he stated . A quote I would later hear from other victims - " A price tag for niceness"

Indeed much of this life I have lived recognized those price tags . I asked him what I was supposed to do
Having learned the price of anger I did not wish him to hit me . He asked me to suck him ,he could not have known my sheltered life had not taught the meaning of those words to myself. He pushed my head down over his penis, I gagged , he continued until his release . I puked !

I continued to cry, I think he could not bear it that noise of this ungrateful brat ! He drove me close to my home and dropped me off I cried all the way in. I never thought about this much in that he seemed to know where I lived . Looking back I wonder how he knew.

Many times people ask me for my story . I am hesitant to tell it as my experience is lived over and over each time in my mind , like being rapped over and over for the rest of ones life. If not that feeling then you have those that use what you say against you a rape of a different experience.

When I do share and there are sympathetic ears who choke out " Oh you poor boy, that must have been horrible to live through." Are shocked when I say "as hard as that was or even speak of I would live it again a thousand times rather than what came after"

Remember I came home, mom asked not where I had been , no words of missed you son where were you no just a cold what is the matter with you ... I was raped ! After telling this mother of mine my ordeal , she went to the bathroom ran a scalding hot tub ripped the clothes off me and after forcing
me into this water that stung my body and turned it red, scrubbed this dirty dirty boy with a wire brush !

For those that took me into the safety of that sweet farming community I do no think you knew why a 14 year old boy played with dolls and acted more like a 7 . My mind had slipped into a time before this and a lie that a family and mother cared about me ! No it was each of you that rescued me and dear patient grammie ! I know God is holding you now for all you did

Taming of The Tongue - Pastor Matthew Vander Els

Taming of The Tongue - Pastor Matthew Vander Els
Challenging Sermon

This weekend my wife and I watched a teaching by Pastor Matthew Vander Els. It was deeply challenging to myself and my wife.

This teaching made me personally think about things i have said to people over the last year andhow I have interacted harshly with people when I should have reacted differently.

It also made me think about the current Presidential Candidates and some of the things we (myself included) as Believers, say about people we do not know and their situations.

When we are posting on Facebook do we realize how that post may affect others? Do we care? As a mutiple Social Media Platform user and a Believer I have to be much more careful what I say and how I convey what I mean.

I have been challenged by this one teaching in a number of ways and wanted to share it with you. It is 58 minutes long so grab a coffee or tea, a notebook and take the time to see if this challenges you, as much as it did me to be careful what you say or what you post on Facebook and in other places.


Scripture References:

Psalm 101:5
Colossions 3:9-10
Proverbs 11:13
Proverbs 27:2
Phil 2:14-15
James 5:9
Ephesians 4:29
Ephesians 5:4
James 5:12
Gal 5:20
Matthew 18:15 - tells us how to deal with those who offend usbut Matthew makes a great point about this in his sermon


Believer's Bucket List - Rabbi Greg Hershberg

My wife and I started watching this series last night and were laughing at many parts but when Rabbi Hershberg drops some TRUTH BOMBS you know you have just got a nugget from God. I will put up the complete series and will add to this as we go through each one.

As our Sabbath group met last weekend my wife was curious about the pillar of salt Lot's wife was turned into. We really didn't have an answer for it.

NUGGET OF KNOWLEDGE: Did you know that the salt used in Israel is different than our salt in the west. When the salt there loses it's flavor it turns to a rock like substance. Is a rock in that area really Lot's wife in rock form? hmmmm


Why Did You Quit Going To Church?

Quitting The Church
I have been reading the book "Quitting Church" by Julia Duin and as I am reading through the pages it gave me the idea to ask people...."what made you quit the Church? I think it is an important question and one that needs to be looked at through eyes of Compassion.

What is the Church doing wrong? Is the preaching not for you? Is the Church you were attending not welcoming or can you actually put your finger on your reasoning?

I left the Church when I was 16 because I was rebellious and went back in my 40's after a terrible divorce. This time I started actually reading and studying my Bible. I know that everyone has their own journey but would like to hear your story.

If you have left the Church are you still in the faith?

You can remain anonymous and I will never share your name anywhere nor will I contact you. You can leave a message at truthsintheword@gmail.com, leave me a comment here in the comment section or catch me on Twitter.

I also have a Facebook page .

I sincerely look forward to hearing your story.


Survive The End Days Review

This is my review on “Survive The End Days” by Nathan Shepard http://mcaf.ee/xpf2a1

 Simply, “Survive The End Days” is a guide on how to survive the Biblical end days. Nathan . Shepard, the author of this guide, explains that inside his book he gives the exact steps people should take in order protect themselves and their families during this period. As a Christian and an experienced theologian and an archeologist,

Nathan Shepard aims to inform the public of his prediction of the Lord’s Second Coming, which he sets the date as January 1, 2017 (based on prophecies he hasfound in the bible). Prior to this date, he is predictng the occurrence of a devastating event such as Electro-magnetic Pulse attack that will result in power outages, failures in heating devices, breakdown of transportation vehicles, failure of the internet, etc.

 Nathan says that the main aim of his guide is to educate the public on how to survive and how to thrive during the end days as based on the biblical prophecies. So, how does he do it? Well, in order to help people get prepared, Nathan covers several different topics which include the following:

 The kinds of medical supplies that are required to assist people in the event of chemical attacks. Nathan Shepard says that a stock of these medicines should be kept in every first aid kit.

Steps on how to assemble and make a Faraday Cage using simple kitchen utensils and everyday items. The cage is meant to protect electrical devices from EMP attacks.

A guide on how to use common kitchen items to make survival gear during and after a chemical attack. Pointers on how to preserve food and medicine, bearing in mind the possibility of power outages.

Nathan also discusses the various kinds of chemical weapons that can be used during such event. The aim of the discussion is to enable every individual to be knowledgeable about chemical weapons and to be able to take the right steps in order to lessen the effects of such weapon on the body.

Another important thing that Nathan Shepard shares is a step-by-step plan, based on military science, on how to survive in different kinds of crisis. These are just a few of the many topics that Nathan discusses inside the guide. It is also important to note that the Survive The End Days package includes two bonus items besides the main guide. Follow the link in the here to watch his compelling video. http://mcaf.ee/xpf2a1


I Then Shall Live - Gather Vocal Band

I then shall live as one who's been forgiven.

I'll walk with joy to know my debts are paid.

I know my name is clear before my Father;
 I am His child and I am not afraid.

 So, greatly pardoned, I'll forgive my brother;

The law of love I gladly will obey.

 I then shall live as one who's learned compassion.

 I've been so loved, that I'll risk loving too.

I know how fear builds walls instead of bridges; I'll dare to see another's point of view.

And when relationships demand commitment,

Then I'll be there to care and follow through.

 Your Kingdom come around and through and in me; Your power and glory, let them shine through me.

Your Hallowed Name, O may I bear with honor, And may Your living Kingdom come in me.

The Bread of Life, O may I share with honor, And may You feed a hungry world through me.

 Amen, Amen, Amen



Rich Mullins Helped me Thru To Find Yeshua

I went through a relationship that hurt me badly. It was tough to get through and this song as much as I have been past that relationship for many years has led me back to God. It was a tough road with a lot of lessons to learn.

I am not a Christian but I am Hebrew Roots. I love this song for many reasons but most of all because of how it touches my heart. Rich Mullins had his own personal demons to work through but was a wonderful songwriter who loved God despite his flaws.

Rich had a gift of saying and singing what people did not want to hear yet in a gentle way.

His death was a blow to the Christian world

Love the music this man made. Thank you Rich for your service to God!