Why I Do Not Mind Helping The Homeless!

Homelessness in CanadaOn Saturday a small group of friends and my wife had the privilege of going down to the local Tent City Homeless Camp to hand out cold flats of water and Egg McMuffins. (Thank you Dan)

The weather here in the Fraser Valley has been stifling hot for a couple of weeks with no end in site until this week. These people are living in tents in 90 degree heat and if a few pallets of water helps them stay hydrated I am happy with that.

The smiles on some of their faces in the midst of hopelessness as well as their thank yous were enough for me.

While we were there another gentleman pulled up with a box of clothes just to help. One person with a random act of kindness can make a huge impact on someones life.

I have heard all of the arguments on why you should not help the homeless this way and for the most part some people have some very valid points.

There are many services out there to help these people who are marginalized and why should the average person get involved? If they really wanted help it is there for them!

Unfortunately because of several factors these local services are overloaded and they just do not have the resources (financial or otherwise) to help everyone who needs help. Couple that with the factors that cause homelessness, one being mental health issues, some of these people just cannot go through the steps that it takes to get the help they desperately require.

After going to Tent City  headed over to Jubilee Park and meet with Linda who works with 5 and 2 Ministries and were able to donate the flats of water that were left. It gave us a chance to find out what 5 and 2 was about and we were happy to help where we could.

They work with the homeless and marginalized. Those who have work but may not have enough to get through the month or need just a few things to help them along.

5 and 2 set up every day in Jubilee Park and have a little tent where folks can grab a coffee or a drink of water and sit for some fellowship and help if they need.

Tent Cities They are in need of clothing items, water, and just about anything to help those who are in these situations to stay warm or cool and move forward to a better standard of living.

For more information on 5 and 2 Ministries click here and you can also follow them on Facebook.

"Therefore by the grace of God go I" I have been homeless in my life and NEVER want to go back there. I do remember vividly the feelings of hopelessness and anxiety and do not wish that on anyone else.

What can you do to brighten up someone elses day with a random act of kindness?
Location: Abbotsford, BC, Canada


  1. "Do not mind..." suggests to me that if you can do it, anybody can. Isn't there a feeling of one's small contribution is like a drop in the bucket?

  2. Fact is I believe anyone can do "something" to help another human being when they are down.....If I can do it and find the resources to do a simple thing like water what is stopping anyone else.

    Having said that I know that many of us have people in our personal lives we are helping and that is extremely important as well. One small thing can brighten a persons life.