My Theological Views and Postings

I have some time tonight and wanted to take some time to discuss how some of my theological views are changing and how I am changing my life in view of my thoughts.

I am online a lot as that is the world which I live in. I advertise and make money from working online and teach others different online strategies to make money. I also participate in many conversations pertaining to the faith.

I have been a Believer as long as I can remember and although I have fallen away and chosen my own worldly paths many times I have come back to serve my God with a stronger faith than ever. I can only say what the Bible says. Nothing more, nothing less.

Having said that I can read a passage of Scripture and several others can read the same Scriptures and have a very different understanding. This is what I am seeing online when people start to discuss several hot button topics such as healings, tongues, gifts of the Spirit, the Bible, Hebrew Roots etc, etc, etc.

I see people spending copious amounts of time arguing with each other over vain philosophies. I just have come to the point where I dont engage. I see and hear what people say but my job is to listen to what God says to me.

I need to look at my own life. Is there sin in my life that God wants me to change? Are there areas of my life that need to change in order for people to see God in me? If there are I need to make a plan to change those areas in me!

Are there ways that I can show love? Are there ways for me to be of service to others? These to me are more important than whether I can argue with someone over some specific doctrine. How am I making a difference?

My postings are going to change as I walk out some of the things I personally need to change. I will be looking for areas to serve and be more giving and helpful to others.

I am looking at an opportunity to be more minimalist in order to have more to share. I am looking for ways to make a living online in order to share that with others who need to make just a little extra. My life will be about serving.

Let's face it. I cannot do much about what our Government is doing or how our economy goes but I can change my little world and be a different person to all of the people in it.

So my posts will be about positive things, about my journey, about things God says to me. You may like it you may not. This blog was started years ago to be a personal blog and somehow I got about doing things in a different direction. I need to be more personal and more transparent so that is where I will start.

I hope you like it. I hope you join me on the journey but if not be blessed and be at peace.
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