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I Get Angry
Normally I am a loving, peaceful, fun loving guy who enjoys a good joke and laughter. I love to spin a yarn and have many good stories to share. My life has been filled with so much pain and heartache that at one point I decided that I was not going to live in that pain

But I can still get angry!!!  Don't get me wrong it is not the violent, in your face, confrontational angry and one where I will sin. (yes Christians are allowed to get angry Ephesians 4:26-27)

I get angry by injustices. People walking all over people for their own selfish gain, how selfish the world has become, children who are rude and disrespectful of their parents and elders, how the poor are treated, people who are doubly minded and say and act one way around one group of people but are totally different in their home lives.

I get angry at entitlement mentality. People who have everything they need, yet hold onto it with two fists tightly wrapped together and want more while those around them are having a hard time. They could reach out to help and have the ability to do so but don't.

Some may say I am judging others. My Bible tells me I have every right to judge the fruits and actions of Believers to see if they line up with what the Word says. That way I won't get fooled by the enemy and wolves in sheep's clothing.

As I try to live a life of peace I encounter people who try to disturb that peace by their actions. How am I to deal with them? I can love them , which I do. I can pray with them, which I do. I will not, however engage with them or interact with them as they build my anger to a point where I want to burst. I desire to tell them what I think and how I feel but somehow that little voice says "be at peace" or "be still."

You know that little voice that is saying "how would I react?" I see Yeshua getting angry. I see Him getting impatient. I also see Him being very loving.

How do we get to the point where we dont react but we do and say exactly what the Father wants us to do in times when we are feeling frustrated or even angry?

I said I would be more transparent in 2014. It begins today!


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