Sorry Been Gone - Got Married

Kerry Bjorn Wright
I haven't been posting much. I did sneak away mid-December to marry the girl of my dreams (well actually woman.) We have been very busy since  December 19th getting ready for the Christmas season and now onto the year 2014.

I have some articles brewing and cant wait to get started writing again in the New Year. I have also started a Facebook Page  for Truths In The Word where I will attempt to post a command from God every day and carry it out in my day to day life.

It has struck me lately how little we know about being Disciples and what it does mean to pick His cross up daily.

We need to start to walk our walk and talk our talk.

I look forward to getting more involved in my Community in the New Year but this year has been a whirlwind. We have settled on the lower mainland and are happy to meet new Christian Facebookers locally.

Say hello to my bride Kerry Bjorn Wright (although she has trouble with that last name still so I may have to change my surname)

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  1. Amazing, you finally start to write! Yeah! You are the most gifted person I know concerning faith and our spiritual walk. It's about time to share that wisdom, yeah!