What Would Jesus Do?

This afternoon I did something I rarely do! I sat down and watched a  Christian movie. I stopped watching many of them years ago because the acting was terrible, for the most part, and the plots just didn't hold my interest.

This afternoon I sat and watched "What Would Jesus Do?" and it was a good watch for a cloudy, cool Sunday afternoon.

This movie did, however, get me started thinking about what would He do in certain situations that we find ourselves in? What do we, as Christians, do when people need help whether we know them or not? What kind of ethics do we have?

As someone who has tested these waters more than a few times I have found that the "church" itself has been lacking in the helping department when strangers are needing their help.We would rather lead people away from the church to Government institutions than to help the downtrodden ourselves. We have become more comfortable with that scenario.

I love John Schneider's speech in this movie and it is one that I have said several times. If you have time please take the time to watch this movie and think whether you personally are making decisions for the right reasons.

Click on the picture and enjoy this full length Christian movie. Enjoy the message it gives and see how we as individuals can make change.


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