Homeless Being Helped in Red Bluff California - Can You Help?

Homeless Under antelope Bridge - Red Bluff California
One of the people I am following on Twitter is attempting to set up a Transitional Ranch for homeless in his area. Like many areas of Canada and the USA every City is having issues keeping the homeless housed BUT many Cities are cracking down on not allowing the homeless to stay within their borders.

People who are homeless need a way to transition back into a productive member of Society and what Randy and his wife are attempting to do is commendable.

It is great to see someone reading the Word and actually stepping out to make a plan to make it work.

Right now they are in need of sleeping bags and small tents. You can see some of the cost on their page for these items and if you can donate or help that would be awesome.

Let's continue to give people a Hand Up Not a Hand Out!



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