Hand Up Not a Hand Out

hand up not a hand out
I was talking with a friend a while ago who has been royally shafted by his former employer and is in a bad way financially right now.

We discussed how Believers will say "I will pray for you" but never offer a hand up. No one, who is able steps in to say here is some financial help. I know you dont have an abuse issue and are just having a hard time right now until this issue gets sorted out.

"faith without works is a dead faith"

I believe this is directly in violation of what is laid out in Scripture and what they early church taught about helping the poor among you.

Many "churches will say "If you come to my church for several weeks then we will help you." Arent we all part of the Body?People are sometimes in situations where they cant wait for weeks to jump through YOUR hoops and need immediate help.

If you know someone having a hard time give them work around your house and pay them for it. Dont be cheap either (another thing believers are known for) Give them a decent pay for a decent amount of work. You will be giving them a hand up NOT a hand out


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